Martin Pristaš

iOS developer

(+421) 908 213 171
Brno, Czech republic


I would like to welcome you here! I'm very passionate person with love for new technologies and Apple products. I started developing apps in 2014 when I bought my first Macbook. From that time I'm working with apple devices every day and I'm trying to extend my skills with developing interesting Apps for many people.


My resume is not so interesting how it should be, but I'm trying to improve myself every single day.


University of Technology, Brno

2016 - 2018

Master's degree in Management and Information Technologies

University of Technology, Brno

2013 - 2016

Bachelor's degree in Information Technology

School of Electrical Engineering, Liptovsky Hradok

2009 - 2013

College with electrical field of study.


TouchArt s.r.o.

4/2016 - now

Developing iOS apps in Objective-C and Swift programming language. Using SVN software and work with team with few people. Developing apps with API and socket communication. Communication with customers.

FreeTech services, spol. s r.o.

12/2014 - now

Creating useful iOS applications for learning kids in their native language. Basic project management for Windows Application and Cloud system for our learning applications.

General skills

Objective-C 76%

Swift 65%


PHP 25%

Python 70%

Git 50%

C 75%

Adobe Photoshop 90%


Zatracená Čeština! (Damn Czech language)

iOS app for learning kids from primary school their language and grammar. Lot of excercises for training and many many sentences, words to get right language skill! Also available in slovak language as "Ach tá slovenčina!" (Damn Slovak language)

Used stack:

  • Objective-C
  • AFNetworking
  • Realm
  • API
Available on AppStore

Meniny (Name day)

In my country, and also in many European countries celebrating our name day. App is useful for people which don't remember all name dates. This macOS app is like utility app and also using the calendar for adding names into it.

Used stack:

  • Swift
Available on App Store for macOS

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